Shanbao Cone Crusher Parts

Shanbao Cone Crusher Parts for Shanghai Jianshe Luqiao Machinery Co.,Ltd,which is the first stone crusher manufacture in China, a hi-tech enterprise in China, is a mining and construction machinery manufacturer with SANDVIK as its holding company. Its registered trademark is “SHANBAO”. JYS Foundry, supplied Shaobao cone crusher parts over 20 years.

Shanbao Cone Crusher Types
  • PY Series:PYB600  | PYZ600  |PYB900 |PYD900 |PYZ900 |PYB1200 |PYD1200 |PYZ1200 |PYB1750 |PYD1750 |PYZ1750 |PYB2200 |PYD2200 |PYZ2200
  • DY Series:DY560 |DY675
  • PYF Series:PYF900 | PYF1300 | PYF1600 | PYF2100
  • PYYX Series:PYYX0912 | PYYX1112 | PYYX1612
Material Choose
JYS Foundry High Manganese Technical Sheet
Element Per.(%) C Si Mn Cr S P
Mn14 0.9-1.05 0.3-0.9 11.0-14.0   ≦0.04 ≦0.06
Mn14Cr2 1.05-1.35 0.3-0.9 11.0-14.0 1.50-2.50 ≦0.04 ≦0.06
Mn18 1.05-1.35 0.3-0.9 16.0-19.0   ≦0.04 ≦0.06
Mn18Cr2 1.05-1.35 0.3-0.9 16.0-19.0 1.50-2.50 ≦0.04 ≦0.06


JYS Foundry Replacement Parts for Shanbao Crusher

Shanbao construction provides solutions for virtually any construction industry applications, like surface rock quarrying, tunnelling, excavation, demolition, road building, recycling and civil engineering. Shanbao cone crushers feature high performance and are cost-effective.
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