Kleemann blow bars

Kleemann blow bars. Kleemann Crushers are the Wirtgen Group feature products . fixed on natural stone processing through the recycling of construction waste on to mining applications. JYS Foundry focus on two objectives: increasing the Kleemann blow bars working life and reducing the operating costs. As a casting foundry, JYS Foundry workers also help our clients not only got the Kleemann blow bar purchase suitable price but mainly by choosing the right Kleemann blow bars .

The wearable analyse for Kleemann blowbars:

  1. Selection of the crushing material 
  2. Kleemann blow bars material choice.
  3.  The right shape of Kleemann blow bars

Kleemann Blow Bars Material Analysis:

  • Manganese steel.The wear resistance of manganese steel with Austenitic structure is attributable to the phenomenon of work hardening. The impact and pressure load results in a hardening of the Austenitic structure on the surface. On the other hand, the Austenitic do not have high hardness,(Low HRC, around 50 HRC), which decide this material blow bars can not use to casting high hardness materials. Such as the Iron, Copper and others.
  • Chrome steel .In chrome steel, the carbon is chemically bonded in the form of chromium carbide. The wear resistance which based on these hard carbides of the hard matrix, whereby the movement is hindered by offsets, which provides for a high degree of strength ,however,There is a disadvantage – Low toughness and easy break. 
  • The alloy steel. JYS Foundry improve the casting technology and get the patent in alloy steel. Add the element “Mo” to improve the chrome steel’s toughness and use steel to improve stable. The detail check below.
 High Chrome Technical Sheet
Element Per.(%) C Si Mn Cr S P Mo Cu Ni Re
High Cr Alloy Steel 1.1-2.2 0.6-1.2 0.5-1.00 11.0-33.0 ≦0.04 ≦0.06 0.10-3.00 0.10-1.00 0.10-1.00 0-0.30
High Cr Whit
e Iron
2.4-3.2 0.6-1.2 0.5-1.00 12.0-33.00 ≦0.04 ≦0.06 0.10-3.00 0.10-1.00 0.10-1.00 0-0.30
Mechanical Property
Hardness Range Metallographic Structure Impact Value Equivalent Material Standard
HRC≥56 HRC≦62 Martensite Matrix+Carbide AK≥4J   GB/T8236-1999 
  AS2007 Cr27& CrMo15/3 
  AS2007 CrMo20/2/1 
  ASTM A532 ClassIII 
  DIN1695NFA32401 BS4844 3E 

Kleemann Blow Bars Types and Part Numbers To Check

MR 100 R            F10039722   F10327412   F10408402   F10620222

MR 100 Z            F10039722   F10327412   F10408402   F10620222

MR 110 R EVO     F20013343    F20007840    F20011044     2219822

MR 110 Z EVO      F20013343    F20007840    F20011044     2219822

MR122 Z              F10038791    F10308431    F10356771

MR130 R             F10343421    F10330751    F10408421    2191368    F20006171

MR130 R EVO     F20013344    F20010951    F20011039    2196048     2200201

MR130 Z             F10343421    F10330751    F10408421    2191368    F20006171

MR130 Z EVO     F20013344    F20010951    F20011039    2196048     2200201