Rubble Master Blow bars

Rubble Master mobile compact crushing are the most popular mobile crusher in the world, and Rubble Master focuses on mobile compact crushing since 30 years ago. Right now, Rubble Master  have a complete mobile crusher system. For example,RM50,RM60,RM60GO!,RM100GO,etc. In one word, RM compact series crusher is extremely popular for recycling applications (crushing aggregate, asphalt, cement, etc.) and the processing of natural stone. JYS Foundry provides you with qualified RM series Rubble Master blow bars and liners.  

JYS Foundry also stocked some regular Rubble Master crusher parts in the warehouse.Such as RM80 blow bars and impact liners. JYS Foundry is the dependent international office of JYS Casting ,it will help us to communicate with clients more easy and professional. All the JYS Foundry products provided with the Quality Certificate, and also welcome the third test no matter which you need.So if you are interested our products or any question about them. contact us freely. SM Crusher Parts Limited sales teams are ready to service for you in any time!

JYS Foundry Crusher Parts Limited For Rubble Master Blow Bars Material Analysis

 High Chrome Technical Sheet
Element Per.(%) C Si Mn Cr S P Mo Cu Ni Re
High Cr Alloy Steel 1.1-2.2 0.6-1.2 0.5-1.00 11.0-33.0 ≦0.04 ≦0.06 0.10-3.00 0.10-1.00 0.10-1.00 0-0.30
High Cr Whit
e Iron
2.4-3.2 0.6-1.2 0.5-1.00 12.0-33.00 ≦0.04 ≦0.06 0.10-3.00 0.10-1.00 0.10-1.00 0-0.30
Mechanical Property
Hardness Range Metallographic Structure Impact Value Equivalent Material Standard
HRC≥56 HRC≦62 Martensite Matrix+Carbide AK≥4J   GB/T8236-1999 
  AS2007 Cr27& CrMo15/3 
  AS2007 CrMo20/2/1 
  ASTM A532 ClassIII 
  DIN1695NFA32401 BS4844 3E